Robert Mastrogiovanni

No family caregiver should be without this book. In clear and concise chapters, it covers all the topics caregivers need to understand the journey they are on and provides a reference source to be revisited again and again.

Donna Thomson

When Caregiving Calls is unique among family caregiver guidebooks—an intimate conversation between Dr. Aaron Blight and the reader, offering insight and reassurance through guided reflections and pivotal questions. Presenting even the most challenging ideas in simple, yet profound ways, this book will ease the path of anyone caring for a parent, spouse or older relative.

Martin J. Schreiber

This book is an important road map from one who has journeyed as both a family caregiver and a professional caregiver. His guidance can help others have the best chance to survive and maybe even thrive while carrying the burden of caregiving.

BookLife Reviews (Editor’s Pick)

Expert Aaron Blight explores the daily realities of caregiving and offers candid, practical advice to help family caregivers cope with their many challenges. . . . This outstanding guide will be a lifesaver for anyone saddled with these immense responsibilities and seeking peace of mind.

Jennifer Talbert-Miller

Aaron Blight has written a must read guide for anyone about to embark on the journey of caregiving. Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing Aaron speak knows his ability to capitivate his audience while he delivers valuable information. This book is much like sitting in the room with Aaron, full of practical advice that is delivered in a relatable style. I wish I had this book when I became a caregiver.