Organizational Development

Dr. Aaron Blight presenting at a conference

Caregiving Kinetics offers customized organizational development services to organizations that employ caregivers.

Often, people who start care organizations begin with a simple desire to help others. While a service orientation is noble and necessary in caregiving, in order for an organization to grow, there must be a unifying sense of direction and purpose among employees.

Caregiving Kinetics helps care organizations create and refine a unifying sense of direction and purpose through our organizational development services.

These services include:

Organizational Culture Consulting – culture has a significant impact on the morale of employees and the performance of any organization. As caregiving organizational consultants, we study the culture of our client’s organization. We share findings and recommendations with leaders who wish to understand and influence organizational culture as a way of improving morale and performance.

Mission, Vision, Values Development – we facilitate the creation of mission, vision, and values statements for new care organizations. We also assist in the review and revision of mission, vision, and values statements for existing care organizations. Our process challenges leaders to intensively think and accurately articulate the guiding principles of the organization. The affirmative statements that come from our work promote a unified focus and aspirational goals for all stakeholders.

Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat (SWOT) Analysis – we conduct SWOT analyses for care organizations by engaging stakeholders in an honest discussion reviewing organizational capabilities and the external environment. Strategies for growth emerge and are developed in accordance with the SWOT Analysis. Our focus group consulting can serve as a great identifier within a SWOT analysis, as well.

As part of our caregiving organizational development services, we bring insights not only from practical experience but also from the scientific study of organizational leadership, culture, and change.

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