Caregiving Kinetics Competencies

We are prepared and qualified to assist in projects focused on caregivers as people or caregiving as a phenomenon.


Dr. Blight speaks to groups all over the world about caregivers and caregiving.

Executive Coaching

Our coaching services are customized to help leaders make informed decisions.

Workforce Consulting

We offer customized consulting services to organizations that employ caregivers.

Organizational Development

We help care organizations create and refine a unifying sense of direction and purpose.

Leonie Maitland, MSW, ASW

In the area of professional support, Aaron proposed marketing tips and suggested I maximize my professional expertise, in order to stand out and be set apart from traditional mainstream agencies. He recommended a system to consistently follow through with prospects and leads. I implanted his ideas and got immediate results. I became more comfortable in selling the agency’s specialized services, and more confident and assertive when asking for the business. I am landing more clients, which has increased revenue. The agency’s credibility and respect has also been increased in the community.

Leonie Maitland, MSW, ASW
A Quality In Home Care

Rhonda J. V. Montgomery, Ph.D.

Any organization that is seeking to help build or expand its capacity to offer high quality care will benefit immensely from the guidance of Aaron Blight. Aaron’s deep understanding of the challenges facing the industry reflects his formal education and his extensive administrative experiences. Equally important, Aaron understands the link between high quality relationships and high quality care.

Rhonda J. V. Montgomery, Ph.D.
Applied Gerontologist

Dr. Becca Whittaker, DC

Dr. Aaron Blight was engaging and relatable, and his presentation the best I have ever heard on caregiving. His experience in the many facets of the topic are unparalleled and he gets the information out to the audience in a way that we all, currently caregivers or not, couldn’t look away. Many sought him out after the presentation and, like myself, were pleased to see that he is just as knowledgeable and impactful off the stage as on it.

Dr. Becca Whittaker, DC
Whittaker Family Chiropractic

Our Core Values

At Caregiving Kinetics, we share our expertise with organizations involved in care for the aging population. Our core values are:


Meaningful Relationships

  • Understand the dynamic relations between caregiver and care receiver
  • Help employers find and keep caregivers who feel like they belong
  • Provide insights to organizations that assist families caring for aging loved ones

Dignity of All People

  • Grant universal respect to all caregivers and care receivers
  • Advocate self-determination for people who are aging and disabled
  • Factor culture into the delivery of care

Learning Orientation

  • Appreciate the development of scientific and practical knowledge
  • Facilitate the sharing of knowledge among caregiving stakeholders
  • Promote research-based decision-making

Servant Leadership

  • Place the needs of others before self
  • Focus on the growth and development of people
  • Adopt a leadership paradigm of service over power