Caregiving Kinetics offers customized workforce consulting services to organizations that employ caregivers. We recognize that hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, in-home healthcare care providers, hospice agencies, adult day centers, and most organizations involved in long-term care are hiring from the same pool of local individuals to address their staffing needs. The competition for quality caregivers will grow increasingly fierce as the aging population creates unprecedented demand for long-term care services. Caregiving Kinetics assists organizations wishing to “stand out” by improving the recruitment, retention, and engagement of their caregiver employees.

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We developed these one-day consultation packages to suit the needs of organizations seeking our assistance.

Caregiving Kinetics tailors its recruitment and engagement consulting practice to each client’s unique needs. We offer a menu of services, including: a thorough review of recruitment processes; an examination of training/orientation for new hires; coaching recruiters on interviewing techniques; analysis of turnover/hiring statistics; a review of organizational efforts to keep existing caregivers happy; caregiver focus groups to get feedback about experience working for the organization; and motivational speeches for the entire organization.

Caregiving Kinetics also serves large organizations with employees who have family caregiving responsibilities at home. It is not uncommon for family caregiving responsibilities to interfere with an employee’s job performance. Employers that are sensitive to family caregiving can mitigate lost productivity and increase organizational commitment among workers caring for their aging loved ones at home. See our “Support for Family Caregivers” page.

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