Meeting Planners

Dear Event Professional

This page is for you. Here you will find information that is generally useful for meeting organizers.I want you to know that when you ask me to be your caregiving keynote speaker, I will work hard to help you create an impactful and memorable event. This is my pledge to you:

  • I will communicate with you.
  • I will customize my presentation for your audience.
  • I will welcome your input.
  • I will be easy to work with.
  • I will economically travel to your location.
  • I will not act like a prima-donna.
  • I will not just “fly in and fly out.”
  • I will take time to talk meaningfully with participants off the stage.
  • I will bring my heart and soul to your event.

I’m also happy to assist with your marketing efforts. Here are a few examples of how I could help:

  • Promotional video announcement prior to the event
  • Social media post(s) before the event
  • Day of event native video upload to Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook
  • Interview with the press or event sponsor
  • Social media post(s) on the day of the event