Caregiving Policy & Research

Dr. Aaron Blight standing in front of Shenandoah University, where he serves as a professor.

Caregiving Expert: Dr. Aaron Blight

Dr. Aaron Blight is an Assistant Professor of Public Health at Shenandoah University, and he assists organizations involved in the development of caregiving policy or caregiving research. He is known for combining sound research methods, investigative tenacity, analytical depth, and effective communication skills to policy/research projects.

Caregiving Policy

With a career spanning across government, business, and academia, Dr. Blight is uniquely qualified to help governments and nonprofits consider policy options and review programs that impact elderly and disabled populations. 

Dr. Blight’s caregiving expertise allows him to broaden policy perspectives by factoring the considerations of both caregivers and care recipients into programs and analysis. His policy background enables him to understand the complexity inherent in crafting rules and developing programs intended to promote the public good.

Caregiving Research

Dr. Blight partners in efforts to study caregivers as people, caregiving as a social phenomenon, and/or organizational caregiving. 

Caregiving organizations use Dr. Blight’s services when they want to better understand an issue and identify potential options for decisions. Dr. Blight is particularly interested in research that has the potential to help caregiving organizations learn more about their workers or their customers. 

Dr. Blight partners with other caregiving researchers when they need subject matter expertise, a scholar-practitioner perspective, or another qualified researcher on a project. He collaborates with researchers working in academia, consulting, or nonprofits.