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Dr. Blight speaks (VIRTUALLY AND IN-PERSON) to a wide range of audiences, including:

  • Professional caregiver groups, including those in healthcare, direct support, long-term care, senior living, home care, hospice, etc.;
  • Family caregiver groups, including organizations supporting family caregivers;
  • Leaders and managers of care organizations;
  • Employers and HR professionals seeking to help employees who have caregiving responsibilities at home;
  • General groups interested in the phenomenon of caregiving.
  • Dr. Blight’s presentations focus on caregiving, caregivers, and the giving/receiving of care. Click on the links below to read about his signature presentations.

Signature Presentations

Caregivers are usually so busy with the tasks of caregiving that they rarely reflect upon the significance of their activities, including how caring changes their identity: their view of self, their relationships with others, and their place in society. This thoughtful and inspiring presentation draws upon research to explain caregiving as a phenomenon of social science. Knowledge gained from the discussion will offer caregivers a framework for 1) processing their experiences and 2) developing the resilience needed to continue supporting the people who depend on them.

Audience: All Caregivers

How can your organization find and keep the best care professionals in an increasingly competitive labor market? The answer lies in 1) acquiring a deeper understanding of the lived experience of your employees and then 2) aligning your organization’s HR efforts in the most commensurate way. This moving presentation breaks down caregiving into four component parts and reviews implications for the employment of care professionals.

Audience: Medical, Health, Long Term Care, Social Care, Home Care Providers

People who are caregivers usually offer themselves to others with little thought of recognition or reward. However, it’s important for caregivers to know that in addition to caring for others, they must also take care of themselves. This compelling presentation emphasizes the giving and receiving of care – not only for others but also for oneself – as imperatives for wellness.

Audience: All Caregivers

Today’s workforce crisis makes it vitally important for leaders of care organizations to strengthen their recruitment and retention efforts. Rather than delivering a list of workforce management tactics, this presentation offers a paradigm view of organizational culture that is anchored in research and targeted to the context of caregiving providers. Leaders will learn how to assess their organizational culture and initiate culture-related changes to produce greater job satisfaction among their care professionals.

Audience: All Caregivers

Did you know that 42% of American workers have cared for aging or disabled loved ones at home within the last five years? When your employee is caregiving off the job, it can affect work performance. This workshop is designed to help employers and employees better understand the phenomenon of caregiving and what they can do for support.

Audience: Human Resource Professionals, Managers, and/or Employees

Caregiver stress is a frequent and real outcome of devoting yourself to ongoing care for your loved one. In this presentation, we will examine the nature of caregiver stress, explore how stress leads to burnout, and review strategies for stress reduction that will produce improved well-being for caregivers. Knowledge gained from the presentation will help caregivers recognize the impact of stress in their personal situations and learn how to cope more effectively.


Most caregivers are not innately endowed with the ability to deliver tasks of care, but they can grow into an emerging caregiver role. A care receiver’s evolving health conditions prompt caregivers to formulate responses which are appropriate for their ever-changing circumstances. As caregivers adjust to changes, they unconsciously develop an improved capacity to serve. This presentation raises consciousness of caregiver development, and can accelerate caregiver growth, by focusing on the learning process inherent in caregiving.


Demographic changes and medical advances have brought us to a new era in the history of the world: we now live in a time when the old outnumber the young. As these societal trends continue, it has become critical for everyone to prepare for aging and caregiving in later life. This presentation helps by reviewing a typology of elders and exploring the dynamics of caregiving for older adults.


Dr. Aaron Blight

Aaron’s passion for supporting caregivers is rooted in his personal experience as a family caregiver; his professional work as the owner of a large home care company and as a leader at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; and his study of caregiving as a phenomenon of social science.

Wonderful Speaker. I bought his book!

Recent Conference Attendee

He was amazing. I will be ordering his book.

Recent Conference Attendee

He was clear, spoke from his own life experience. Excellent presentation

Recent Conference Attendee

I was totally preparing to have my loved one going to facility before hearing this. But, with his guidance, I feel I might be able to keep him home a lot longer.

Recent Conference Attendee

Very relatable speaker.

Recent Conference Attendee

Excellent and very necessary for us as Caregivers.

Recent Conference Attendee

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A visit with Dr. Blight will allow caregiver support group participants to engage in a meaningful discussion about their caregiving experiences. Caregivers will have the opportunity to read the book written especially for them, share feelings and insights, and learn from one another during an exchange facilitated by the author.

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Caring for another is one of the noblest human activities.

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