Peggy Uchno

This book is relatable, and that is a big thing. I saw my personal and family experience with our mother in these pages. I can connect to all the topics, but most importantly my “aha” moment was the historic relationship discussion and my thoughts were, “If only we had known this earlier…” I also found the reflections a great asset for pondering what was discussed and saw how writing down thoughts and experiences can be cathartic.

Jeannie Lopez-Smith, RN, BSN

Wow! I have never read anything on caregiving that was so complete, informative, comforting, and rewarding. When Caregiving Calls is personable, practical, and very effective. The book has left an impression on my heart, as I am sure it will for others who delve into its wisdom and advice.

Amy S. D’Aprix, MSW, PhD, CPCA

Written in a gentle, open-hearted style that makes it hard to put down, When Caregiving Calls offers powerful questions, resources, and practical suggestions that will transform the caregiving experience and mine the meaning and depth caregiving can add to our lives. Highly recommended!

Clare L. Stacey, PhD

When Caregiving Calls is a rare find—a book that is engaging, practical, and informed by cutting-edge research on care. It considers aspects often overlooked, such as the rewards that come from caring and the challenges families face when navigating America’s health care system. When Caregiving Calls is essential reading for those providing care, as well as for policy makers and social scientists interested in this critical issue.

Charles Senessie, MD, MSc, PhD

When Caregiving Calls is a masterpiece—a well-written book that highlights the author’s personal experience of caring for a loved one, which was a changing point in his life. Readers of every background all over the world can learn a lot from Aaron Blight’s captivating work.

Zachary White, PhD

Aaron Blight brings to this book a rare breadth of first-hand and professional perspectives with caregiving. He invites family caregivers into a deeper and more humane understanding of their journey that will facilitate the process of reflection that caregivers need and deserve.

Karen Lake, BN, RN

Aaron Blight’s lived experiences as a caregiver and as the operator of a care agency allow him to offer a heartfelt, authentic, and empathetic perspective that will be reassuring to caregivers who may be feeling alone on the journey.

Rhonda J. V. Montgomery, PhD

This easy-to-read book provides family caregivers with valuable insights, guidance, and affirmation that reflect empathy and respect for their role. Dr. Blight’s poignant stories will help both family caregivers and the professionals and other family members who support them.

Amanda LaRose, LCSW

When Caregiving Calls validates the experiences of caregivers, providing a unique explanation how their roles change during the caregiving journey. Aaron Blight’s strategies drawn from his personal caregiving experiences, education, and business make this a book I will highly recommend to clients for years to come.

Jennifer T. Martin, RN

When Caregiving Calls is written with passion and wisdom. Aaron Blight provides us with reassurance and hope as we better understand the role of caregiver. Personal and professional caregivers, this a must-read!