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Caregiving Kinetics Blog Named Among Top 50

February 28th, 2020 by

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Caregiving Kinetics’ blog was recently named to Feedspot’s Top 50 Blogs in the Caregiving category. This blog was chosen by Feedspot’s editorial team out of countless other submissions based on metrics such as blog quality, posting consistency, social popularity, and Google search rankings.

Written by caregiving consultant, healthcare keynote speaker, and company founder Dr. Aaron Blight, the blog features posts drawn from personal experience, interactions with patients and families, academic research, industry trends, and deeply held beliefs, including the importance of giving and receiving care– not only for others but for caregivers themselves.

“It wasn’t until my wife Jessica and I began caring for her relatively young mother who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor that I truly began to understand the scope and significance of caregiving on a personal level,” says Aaron.

Although Aaron had previously been writing national healthcare policy for the elderly, his experience as a caregiver changed the direction of his career entirely. He opened a home care company to help seniors and their families who were facing similar aging-related challenges. Although he started his home care company with a desire to focus on senior care and their loved ones, interactions with employees led Aaron to care equally about his staff. Aaron’s research, developed in connection with his doctoral degree, offers insight into how caregivers experience and embrace their roles.

In his award-winning blog, Dr. Aaron Blight draws on a combination of personal experience and industry knowledge to create content that supports and resonates with all those caring for a loved one, and those working to create a culture of caregiving based on more than “fed, meds, and bed.”

Caregiving Kinetics delivers consulting and customized caregiving presentations to large and small groups in the Washington, DC area, throughout the United States, and abroad.

Jennifer Gullison Receives the Caregiving Kinetics Hand & Heart Award

February 14th, 2020 by

Congratulations to Jennifer Gullison RN, MSN, COS-C, Chronic Care-S of Cornerstone VNA for receiving the Caregiving Kinetics Hand and Heart Award today at the Northeast Home Health Leadership Summit!

In nominating Jennifer for the surprise recognition, CEO Julie Reynolds said, “Jen Gullison came to Cornerstone VNA right out of nursing school, has been with us for 18 years and has been a force of professional growth now holding the position of Chief Clinical Officer. She has a passion for the work we do and she brings it with her every day along with her positive attitude. She always remembers the importance of the patient, their family/caregivers, and the clinicians when making decisions. She is an amazing positive influence on staff, encouraging and coaching them to be their best and providing opportunities for them to be successful through support and education. Jen embraces all this change we have gone through and are now going through with excitement and creativity-always with the mission in mind.”

Thank you, Jennifer, for serving not only with your hands but also with your heart as you lead clinical services at Cornerstone VNA.

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Caregiving Kinetics Announces The First Caregiver Transformation Retreat

January 10th, 2020 by
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(Learn more about the retreat by clicking the above image!)

The following is from Caregiver Transformation Retreat co-creator, Donna Thomson…

All of us have been transformed by caregiving. Now we have an opportunity to go deeper, to share our hard-earned wisdom and to map out a new way of practical caring without desperation or burnout. And the best way to achieve this new perspective is face to face, together with others who understand – in The Caregiver Transformation Retreat.

My life of caregiving began in 1988 when our son Nicholas was born with severe cerebral palsy. During the first years of his life, Nick was often ill and in pain. They were sleepless years, infused with desperate worry. Of course, all this happened before the internet became a lifeline for caregiver support. What we did have though, were parent retreats, sponsored by our local Easter Seal Society.

Those parent retreats were my annual opportunity to learn about new therapies, strategize about the sibling experience and compare notes about ways and means of keeping my marriage intact. But perhaps the best thing about the retreats was the bonding with other parents. Here suddenly, were others who understood. And there were older, wiser parents who took on a natural mentoring role. There was a palpable sense of safety and soothing in those retreats. We all felt it.

holding mom's handFast forward to 2016. My sister Karen and I found ourselves in the thick of caring for our mom, a loving but willful 94 year old with dementia. Mom was in denial about her needs and living independently with insufficient support. “Muddling through” was a good descriptor for how we were doing. When we could, my sister and I retreated to our family cabin by the lake. On forest walks, we wondered what might happen if Mom broke one more rule. We laughed at the outrageous imaginings of telling Mom what we really thought about her bad behavior. At the end of the weekend, we went back to being good daughters, diffusing crises and brokering deals to ensure Mom’s stability for another week or month.

Looking back on the caregiving retreats in my life, I feel deeply grateful. I appreciate the cyber friendships of other caregivers, but the face-to-face retreats have been something very special to me. They were energizing, hopeful, knowledge-filled and inspiring. In short, they were transformational.

Now, together with Aaron Blight, Zachary White and Amanda LaRose, I am honored and excited to be a co-creator of the new Caregiver Transformation Retreat. Our team has come together with a clear vision of what is helpful to caregivers, wherever they are in their journey of caring. Our retreat is tailored to every group we serve, whether participants are medical professionals or family caregivers. Resilience, personal transformation and a changed perspective on the well of human kindness are the by-products of our retreats. Participants will leave energized, with a new sense of purpose and fulfillment in their caring roles – outcomes only achievable in the magical moments of face to face retreats.