“The Caregiver,” a Poem by Dr. Aaron Blight

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Poetry can encapsulate something in a succinct but profound way. I wrote this poem in an attempt to capture the unique qualities of a caregiving relationship, and I wanted to share it with you. Please let me know if you can relate to these words.


The Caregiver


I’d fix you if I could.


You laugh at your limits,

and I lament mine.


Pathetic or poetic,

either applies

to our protracted plight:


Seeing your struggle,

it’s my struggle,

the one we can’t conquer.


I stand by

until you’re stranded,

then swiftly step in.


I laugh at my limits,

and you lament yours.


I’d fix you if I could.


– Aaron Blight

April 28, 2023

Download your own PDF copy of “The Caregiver” poem here!


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