George Burson, Duet AZ

Our first interaction with Dr. Blight came last year when he presented Caregiving Calls at our 2023 symposium. The response from our attendees was so overwhelmingly positive that we decided to ask him back again this year.

This year, the response from our caregivers was again overwhelmingly positive. Our clients found him to be very relatable and warm. They felt he had a strong grasp of the issues they were facing and spoke to them in a way that gave them hope. We sent survey responses to him directly. If you need a copy of the responses, I can send it to you. His power point presentation was very professional and understandable for our caregivers.

As the person coordinating the event, I have found him to be a joy to work with. Always professional, prompt with a response, and willing to go the extra mile to help us. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a professional speaker for a caregiver event. On every level, he comes through. His kindness, knowledge, understanding, and presentation skills are exceptional!