When is the Last Time You Really Felt Connected to Your Job?

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Caregiving consultant and healthcare speaker Dr. Aaron Blight often takes the time to answer questions on Quora about caregiving organizational development, senior care, healthcare consulting, and many other topics. In this latest post, he answers the question:

When is the Last Time You Really Felt Connected to Your Job?

Dr. Blight: I’d have to say it was last week, when I had the privilege of going to the United Nations Palace in Geneva, Switzerland, to speak on and advocate for caregivers across the globe.

dr. blight at un building

I feel connected to my job because in reality, it’s no longer a job. It’s a calling.

In the past, I’ve certainly worked in positions that were nothing more than jobs, but the trajectory of my life led me here.

You see, it was about 20 years ago when my mother-in-law got a brain tumor at a relatively young age…

…and we became her family caregivers. Despite holding one of those “jobs” in national healthcare policy, I didn’t know much about cancer, aging, or caregiving. That completely changed with my mother-in-law’s diagnosis.

I later started a home care company to help families like mine who were caring for aging and sick loved ones…

…and I got a doctoral degree that enabled me to study caregiving as a phenomenon of social science.

I came to discover how challenging, vitally important, and ubiquitous caregiving is. Paradoxically, the understanding of caregiving is limited, and the needs of caregivers are often overlooked.

So I’ve adopted the cause of caregiving, or perhaps the cause of caregiving has adopted me.

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I feel connected to my job because I know that caregivers all over the world can use a little help.

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