Healthcare Workforce Consulting Packages

Caregiving Kinetics is pleased to offer the following consulting package services to organizations seeking assistance with workforce and organization development.

Each package is comprised of an immersive one-day consultation in which Caregiving Kinetics visits the client’s worksite, performs the work assigned, and provides an appropriate conclusory conversation with organization leaders.

Recruitment Review

Caregiving Kinetics will evaluate the organization’s recruitment efforts. Goals of the review are identified with organizational leaders prior to the consultation visit. The Recruitment Review may include:

  • Validated assessments of recruiters to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluation of the organization’s screening and selection processes
  • Direct observation of applicant interviews with organization recruiters
  • Coaching discussion with recruiters on challenges and opportunities
Leadership Look

Caregiving Kinetics will help to advance the development of leadership within the organization. Goals of the Leadership Look are identified prior to the consultation visit and may include:

  • Validated assessments of individual leaders to explore personality and leadership style
  • Validated assessments incorporating subordinate workers and team dynamics
  • One-on-one executive coaching sessions for key leaders
  • Facilitated leadership discussion for managerial groups
Caregiving Consultation

Caregiving Kinetics will conduct a visit focused on the caregivers who work at the organization’s front lines. Caregivers will be recognized for their efforts, enlightened about the nature of their work, and/or motivated to be more effective for the people they serve. Elements of the Caregiving Consultation may include:

  • A keynote address or training workshop for caregivers
  • Award unique Caregiving Kinetics recognition to exceptional caregivers
  • Validated assessments of caregivers to explore promotion potential
  • Facilitation of caregiver focus groups to bring their feedback to leaders
Teambuilding Talks

Caregiving Kinetics will facilitate teambuilding discussions with designated organizational teams. Goals of the Teambuilding Talks are identified prior to the consultation visit and may include:

  • Validated assessments helping each individual develop awareness of self and team
  • Validated assessments incorporating team-level dynamics
  • One-on-one coaching sessions with team members
  • Facilitated team discussion to improve communication, productivity, or goals
Culture Query

Caregiving Kinetics will analyze organizational culture using evidence-based tools and framework. The Culture Query is designed in advance based upon the interests of the organization and may include:

  • Validated assessments of interpersonal dynamics in the organization
  • Didactic discussion with leaders about the nature of organizational culture
  • Independent observation of the organization’s culture
  • Findings shared with organization leaders at the conclusion of the visit
The Kinetic Bundle

Organizations receive discounted rates by bundling two or three of the above packages into a longer consultation, which typically lasts two to three days. When planning for such a visit, please note:

  • Objectives are discussed and identified in advance with organizational leaders
  • Leaders may “pick and choose” discrete services from across packages
  • Longer consultation enables more breadth and depth of impact
  • Caregiving Kinetics debriefs leaders daily or at the end of the visit