Great Reasons to Hire a Keynote Speaker

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As you are planning an event, it would be relatively easy to make the decision to skip bringing in a keynote speaker. After all, there is no doubt that this can be a costly inclusion in your event, especially if the person is notable in your industry, such as a healthcare speaker. However, despite the cost, there are plenty of compelling reasons to include a quality, motivational keynote speaker as part of your event.


Deliver Big Value

More than anything else, the best reason to hire a keynote speaker is simply to deliver value to your audience. You want the attendees to leave the event thinking that their time and money were both well spent. A powerful keynote speaker can close the event with a bang and leave everyone feeling fulfilled.

The last thing you want out of your event is for your attendees to feel like they have been sold something that didn’t live up to the billing. Not only is that a disappointing feeling for you as an organizer, it will also put the future of the event in jeopardy. Many attendees will not want to return if they weren’t happy with their experience, and those who were considering coming next year will be turned off by the bad reviews. Simply put, it is better to over-deliver when putting on an event, so you can thrill your audience and leave them excited to return.


Grow the Event

No matter what kind of event you are putting on, there are sure to be people who are on the fence with regard to whether or not they should attend. Some of your target market will sign up immediately, knowing that the event is important for their career or business – regardless of the presence of a keynote speaker. But what about the rest? If you want to put on a hugely successful event, you’ll need something to take those people from ‘maybes’ into attendees.

The great thing about using this strategy is you can also please the people who were going to attend the event anyway. In other words, you’ll grow your numbers thanks to the speaker you bring in, and you’ll also provide a better experience for those who were already planning to attend. It’s a win-win and a big boost for the future of your event.


The Power of a Name

This last point is particularly important for events which are relatively new and still trying to carve out a place in the market. Bringing in a notable keynote speaker is a great way to confer credibility on the event as a whole. When those in an industry, such as healthcare, find out that a particular motivational speaker is going to be at the event, everything about the event is raised to a higher level.

Of course, it should go without saying that perhaps the most important part of picking a speaker is finding someone who is relevant in your industry and has something to add to the event as a whole. Bringing in a big name is not good enough if that person is present only for name recognition – they need to have a message which is on topic, valuable, and interesting to everyone in your audience. Once you find the right speaker, making the decision to hire that individual will be a no-brainer.

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