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When Caregiving Calls:

Guidance as You Care for a Parent, Spouse, or Aging Relative

As one of the best books about caregiving, when Caregiving Calls is an invitation to a deep conversation about caregiving and its meaning for you, the family caregiver.

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About the Book

Caring for a parent, spouse, or aging relative is one of the noblest human activities. It’s also one of the most stressful, posing challenges that can be painful, confusing, and deeply rewarding—sometimes all at once.

When Caregiving Calls is an invitation to a deep conversation about caregiving and its meaning for you.

In these eighteen brief and thoughtful chapters, you will:

  • Explore how caregiving reshapes your family relationships and stresses your ability to manage your time, energy, and emotions.
  • See how a loved one’s changing state can lead to growing vulnerability, need, and loneliness on the part of care receiver and caregiver alike.
  • Read true stories that vividly capture the daily realities of caregiving.
  • Engage in questions for reflection to evaluate the impact caregiving is having on you personally and prioritize things you can change.
  • Receive candid, practical advice that helps you cope with the challenges you face as a family caregiver.

2021 Independent Publisher Book Awards: Bronze Medal Winner!

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Featured on: FOX 13 Salt Lake City

If caring for your loved one during the pandemic has made you feel more anxious, you are not alone. During an appearance on Fox 13 Salt Lake City’s “The Place, ” host Jennifer Hardman and I talked about the nearly 83 percent of family caregivers who are reporting increased stress in these uncertain times. Between the stress involved in keeping your loved one safe from the virus, and coping with the added pressures of isolation, a strategy for taking care of yourself is more important than ever.

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With a warm, empathetic tone, home care consultant Blight guides readers down the often-rocky path of caring for a disabled, aging, or dying relative or friend…

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He continuously reassures the caregiver, especially when he talks about the “rewards” of the role. In this respect, Blight is both educator and cheerleader. His intimate knowledge of caregiving—how it affects the two principals—makes this a valuable resource.

Candid, compassionate, and comforting caregiving advice.

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Early Book Reviews

Peggy Uchno “This book is relatable, and that is a big thing. I saw my personal and family experience with our mother in these pages. I can connect to all the topics, but most importantly my “aha” moment was the historic relationship discussion and my thoughts were, “If only we had known this earlier…” I also found the reflections a great asset for pondering what was discussed and saw how writing down thoughts and experiences can be cathartic.”
Peggy UchnoFamily Caregiver
Jeannie Lopez-Smith, RN, BSN “Wow! I have never read anything on caregiving that was so complete, informative, comforting, and rewarding. When Caregiving Calls is personable, practical, and very effective. The book has left an impression on my heart, as I am sure it will for others who delve into its wisdom and advice.”
Jeannie Lopez-Smith, RN, BSNHospice Nurse and Family Caregiver
Amy S. D’Aprix, MSW, PhD, CPCA “Written in a gentle, open-hearted style that makes it hard to put down, When Caregiving Calls offers powerful questions, resources, and practical suggestions that will transform the caregiving experience and mine the meaning and depth caregiving can add to our lives. Highly recommended!”
Amy S. D’Aprix, MSW, PhD, CPCAFounder, Life Transitions by Dr. Amy, Inc.
Clare L. Stacey, PhD When Caregiving Calls is a rare find—a book that is engaging, practical, and informed by cutting-edge research on care. It considers aspects often overlooked, such as the rewards that come from caring and the challenges families face when navigating America’s health care system. When Caregiving Calls is essential reading for those providing care, as well as for policy makers and social scientists interested in this critical issue.”
Clare L. Stacey, PhDAssociate Professor of Sociology, Kent State University, and Author of The Caring Self: The Work Experiences of Home Care Aides
Charles Senessie, MD, MSc, PhD When Caregiving Calls is a masterpiece—a well-written book that highlights the author’s personal experience of caring for a loved one, which was a changing point in his life. Readers of every background all over the world can learn a lot from Aaron Blight’s captivating work.”
Charles Senessie, MD, MSc, PhDFounder and President, Afro-European Medical and Research Network
Zachary White, PhD “Aaron Blight brings to this book a rare breadth of first-hand and professional perspectives with caregiving. He invites family caregivers into a deeper and more humane understanding of their journey that will facilitate the process of reflection that caregivers need and deserve.”
Zachary White, PhDCo-author of The Unexpected Journey of Caring: The Transformation from Loved One to Caregiver
Karen Lake, BN, RN “Aaron Blight’s lived experiences as a caregiver and as the operator of a care agency allow him to offer a heartfelt, authentic, and empathetic perspective that will be reassuring to caregivers who may be feeling alone on the journey.”
Karen Lake, BN, RNCaregiving Consultant and Care Navigator
Rhonda J. V. Montgomery, PhD “This easy-to-read book provides family caregivers with valuable insights, guidance, and affirmation that reflect empathy and respect for their role. Dr. Blight’s poignant stories will help both family caregivers and the professionals and other family members who support them.”
Rhonda J. V. Montgomery, PhDInternationally Recognized Expert on Family Caregiving
Amanda LaRose, LCSW When Caregiving Calls validates the experiences of caregivers, providing a unique explanation how their roles change during the caregiving journey. Aaron Blight’s strategies drawn from his personal caregiving experiences, education, and business make this a book I will highly recommend to clients for years to come.”
Amanda LaRose, LCSWLicensed clinical social worker and certified advanced social work case manager
Jennifer T. Martin, RN When Caregiving Calls is written with passion and wisdom. Aaron Blight provides us with reassurance and hope as we better understand the role of caregiver. Personal and professional caregivers, this a must-read!”
Jennifer T. Martin, RNCertified hospice and palliative nurse, and Chief Nursing Officer, Blue Ridge Hospice
Robert Mastrogiovanni “No family caregiver should be without this book. In clear and concise chapters, it covers all the topics caregivers need to understand the journey they are on and provides a reference source to be revisited again and again.”
Robert MastrogiovanniPresident, Well Spouse Association
Donna Thomson When Caregiving Calls is unique among family caregiver guidebooks—an intimate conversation between Dr. Aaron Blight and the reader, offering insight and reassurance through guided reflections and pivotal questions. Presenting even the most challenging ideas in simple, yet profound ways, this book will ease the path of anyone caring for a parent, spouse or older relative.”
Donna ThomsonCo-author of The Unexpected Journey of Caring: The Transformation From Loved One to Caregiver and author of The Four Walls of My Freedom: Lessons I've Learned From a Life of Caregiving
Martin J. Schreiber “This book is an important road map from one who has journeyed as both a family caregiver and a professional caregiver. His guidance can help others have the best chance to survive and maybe even thrive while carrying the burden of caregiving.”
Martin J. SchreiberFormer Governor of Wisconsin and author of My Two Elaines: Learning, Coping, and Surviving as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver
<em>BookLife Reviews</em> (Editor’s Pick) “Expert Aaron Blight explores the daily realities of caregiving and offers candid, practical advice to help family caregivers cope with their many challenges. . . . This outstanding guide will be a lifesaver for anyone saddled with these immense responsibilities and seeking peace of mind.”
BookLife Reviews (Editor’s Pick)
Jennifer Talbert-Miller “Aaron Blight has written a must read guide for anyone about to embark on the journey of caregiving. Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing Aaron speak knows his ability to capitivate his audience while he delivers valuable information. This book is much like sitting in the room with Aaron, full of practical advice that is delivered in a relatable style. I wish I had this book when I became a caregiver.”
Jennifer Talbert-MillerCo-Founder and Board Member, Beloved Foundation

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A 2020 research report from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and the National Alliance for Caregiving estimates that 53 million adults served as caregivers to aging or disabled loved ones during the last year. That’s about 21 percent of the adult population in the United States, and those numbers are growing.Family caregivers come from all walks of life. Family caregiving cuts across race, sex, religion, national origin, Millennials, Baby Boomers, and the rest of the social identities that pervade our media today.

At the same time, family caregivers may feel as if they are almost invisible because their needs are often overlooked. Their sacrifices are significant. Their lives can be transformed in unanticipated ways while they care for their loved one.

“Over the past twenty years, I have been a family caregiver, I have supported family caregivers, and I have studied caregiving as a phenomenon of social science,” Dr. Blight said. “I wrote When Caregiving Calls: Guidance as You Care for a Parent, Spouse, or Aging Relative to help family caregivers by validating their experiences and guiding them through their individual care-related circumstances.”

The book is written in an easy, conversational style, and it contains chapters addressing the physical, mental, relationship, and emotional realities of caregiving. Each chapter concludes with questions prompting the caregiver to reflect upon the material and write about his or her personal caregiving experience. At the end of the book, the caregiver is invited to review what has been learned and create prioritized action steps for the future.

“When caregivers do better, care receivers also do better,” Dr. Blight observed. “I hope this book benefits you and your loved one.”


Meet the Author.

Aaron Blight, Ed.D., is an international speaker and consultant on caregiving, aging, and healthcare. He is the Founder of Caregiving Kinetics and has been recognized as a “Top 100 Healthcare Leader” by the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare.

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