Executive and Business Coaching


Executive and Business Coaching

Our executive coaching services are customized to help leaders of caregiving organizations make decisions and confront their challenges on a daily basis. There are unique considerations when leading a caregiving organization, and having been there ourselves, we are positioned to help leaders evaluate courses of action and make decisions to optimize organizational performance.

Healthcare Workforce Consulting Packages»

We developed these one-day consultation packages to suit the needs of organizations seeking our assistance.

Caregiving Kinetics works one-on-one with CEOs who need trusted advisors, or we can assist leadership teams. We bring insights not only from practical experience but also from the scientific study of organizational leadership, culture, and change.

We are good at helping leaders challenge underlying assumptions, ask intelligent questions, diagnose organizational problems, consider different alternatives, and know when to take action.

Our business coaching service is focused on improving organizational performance, while our executive coaching service is directed toward leadership development. Clients often have overlapping objectives and engage both executive and business coaching services in an approach that is customized for their goals.