Caregiving Kinetics: What’s in a Name?

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When Dr. Aaron Blight founded Caregiving Kinetics, he knew that the name of the business had to not only be special, but also be relatable to clients.

You may notice that our company’s name – Caregiving Kinetics – rolls right off your tongue.  It sounds really cool.  It’s fun to say. Despite the euphony of our name, there’s actually a deeper reason we chose to be called Caregiving Kinetics.

Kinetics is a phenomenon of natural science.  In physics, kinetics is the study of forces on bodies in motion.  In chemistry, kinetics is the study of chemical reaction rates. In both chemistry and physics, the term kinetics touches upon motion or the transfer of energy.

The name Caregiving Kinetics references a concept of physical science to symbolically explain a social phenomenon.  Caregiving can be viewed as a kinetic process between a caregiver and a care receiver. Caregiving is not static.  In both the physical and relational aspects of caregiving, dynamics between a caregiver and care receiver change over time as a caregiver reacts to the evolving needs of a care receiver.

Lessons from kinetics offer profound insights into the phenomenon of caregiving. Hence, we call our company Caregiving Kinetics.  We hope you remember our name.  But more importantly, we hope you think about caregiving a little differently because you’ve heard these words together.

If you feel that you or your organization could benefit from our expertise, contact us today. Having been in your position before, we are determined to help you navigate through change and accomplish your objectives through our extensive list of services.

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