About Caregiving Kinetics

Caregiving Kinetics is an internationally-oriented firm offering caregiving consulting services to organizations and groups all over the world. With our unique understanding of both caregiving as well as organizational science, we help our clients improve their leadership capacity, shape organizational culture, and traverse through change. Our clients include organizations that employ caregivers; groups serving families who care for aging loved ones; healthcare providers interested in caregiving; and researchers focused on paid or unpaid caregivers.

Caregiving Kinetics delivers customized caregiving presentations to large and small groups throughout the United States and abroad.

In addition to keynote speaking, Caregiving Kinetics is prepared to assist clients in large and small consulting projects. Whether the scope is departmental, organizational, national, or international, we bring our expertise to the project at hand to help our clients accomplish their objectives. While our consulting work is always tailored to the client’s specific needs, examples of our services may be found under the “services” section of our website.

In all activities, Caregiving Kinetics espouses four core values: meaningful relationships, dignity of all people, learning orientation, and servant leadership.

Dr. Aaron Blight is the founder of Caregiving Kinetics and has dedicated his professional life to expanding the world’s capacity to care for the aging population. Dr. Blight’s career spans more than 20 years of leadership as a caregiving provider, policymaker, and researcher.

Meet Aaron