At Caregiving Kinetics, we know that decisions are better when they are based upon research. We also recognize the value of both practical and scientific knowledge. Our unique background enables us to create and utilize translational research, where science informs practice and practice informs science. We are prepared to capably assist organizations and researchers in efforts to study caregivers as people and caregiving as a phenomenon.

Caregiving organizations use our research and focus group services when they want to better understand an issue and identity potential options for decisions. Our research has the potential to help caregiving organizations learn more about their workers or their customers.

Caregiving researchers access our services when they need subject matter expertise, a scholar-practitioner perspective, or another qualified researcher on a project. We collaborate with researchers working in academia, consulting, or nonprofits.

We are able to combine sound research methods, investigative tenacity, analytical depth, and effective presentation skills to the research performed for our clients.

Commence Research

Learn more about Dr. Blight’s research by reading his study of the home care workforce.