Caregiving Kinetics helps governments and nonprofits consider policy options and review programs that impact the elderly and disabled populations.

Having served in leadership positions administering the Medicaid program, we are accustomed to working with federal, state, and local officials on public health programs. We understand the responsibilities and relationships of legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government. Having written regulations ourselves, we are able to contribute to rulemaking processes.

Our policy background enables us to appreciate the complexity inherent in crafting rules and developing programs intended to promote the public good.

We have experience writing and awarding grants and serving in government contracting officer roles.

We have assisted nonprofit organizations in developing mission statements and strategies, writing bylaws, pursuing grant opportunities, and improving daily operations.

Our caregiving expertise allows us to broaden policy perspectives by factoring the considerations of both care recipients and (often overlooked) caregivers into programs and analysis.

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