Caregiving Kinetics facilitates care-related focus groups for organizations and groups seeking to better understand the perspectives of their key stakeholders.

Employees are often more willing to provide honest feedback about their experiences working for an organization when they are speaking with an unaffiliated third party who understands their needs. When we facilitate caregiver employee focus groups, we build trust with participants to help them feel comfortable, open, and willing to share.

Likewise, family caregivers can be more truthful about their thoughts and feelings when they are talking with someone who has traveled a similar road. Our focus groups allow family caregivers to candidly speak of their experiences and provide honest feedback to the organization that is attempting to effectively reach them.

At Caregiving Kinetics, we are good at asking questions. After we establish a safe environment, our focus group is full of thoughtful and thought-provoking questions. We have learned that some of the most profound insights emerge after exploratory second and third questions, or perhaps after a moment of silent reflection.

Our analysis and reporting of focus group findings is promptly but carefully completed. Respecting participant confidentiality, we synthesize the group’s feedback, identifying common themes or significant points, when debriefing our client.

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